Attn: Arthur CUSD #305 Parents & Community Members

Attn: Arthur CUSD #305 Parents & Community Members
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Dear Arthur CUSD #305 Parents & Community Members,

The tragic event in Florida, the concerns in neighboring communities, and unfortunately a couple of situations in our own school district have many people anxious and worried. I want to reassure you that the safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority. We take this responsibility very serious. The reality of the situation is no school district or public place can ever be completely immune from such senseless acts of violence. As a school district we are working together with our community resources to provide a safe learning environment for all students.

We believe it is important to share the safety measures we have in place:

Ongoing Measures:

  • Excellent partnership with local law enforcement and fire/rescue
  • Specific safety protocols defined and articulated
  • School Messenger our public notification system
  • Regularly scheduled safety drills
  • Utilization of the Navigate Prepared program, which coordinates our emergency information, procedures, and plans and allows access to our local first responders.

Daily Procedures:

  • Alert and aware staff and administration
  • Active and engaged supervision
  • Strong relationships with students and families
  • Access control systems at all buildings
  • Surveillance cameras in all school buildings

We are living in troubled times. Many of our students are facing difficult situations and some are dealing with serious social and emotional issues. We do not want any of our students or adults to be afraid to come to school. Safety is everybody's responsibility and we all play a vital role in staying vigilant and reporting concerns to the principals, the district office, and the police. We know that you share in our concern and our focus on a safe and secure school district.


Kenneth Schwengel, Superintendent