Student Lunch Prices to Increase by $0.10 March 1

Student Lunch Prices to Increase by $0.10 on March 1st
Posted on 02/22/2019
Based on the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Paid Lunch Equity tool, the District is required to raise our lunch prices by $.10. The PLE tool was created to help schools calculate their paid lunch price increase requirement and/or non-Federal source contributions to meet the federal requirements specified. If the pricing requirements calculated by the PLE tool are not met or are exceeded, the PLE Tool will also calculate any amounts, including credits or deficits carried over into the next year.  The PLE tool indicates a need to increase the cost of our lunches by $.10 (currently $2.45 & $2.60) and an additional $.08 for the next school year. Failing to maintain our lunch prices at the federally required level can impact our reimbursement.