Lovington Grade School

Weekly Announcements


Week of January 14-18, 2019


​​Congratulations 8th Grade Knights! 

Junior High Okaw Conference Champions!

Monday, January 14
A. Max Cheese Sticks w/Sauce
B. Chicken Nuggets w/Breadstick
C. Pretzel, Yogurt, and Cheese Plate 
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Spicy Popcorn Chicken w/ Breadstick (JH Only)

Happy Birthday, Cannon Doggett! 

Tuesday, January 15

A. Taco Wedges
B. Cheeseburger on Bun 
C. ACE Sack Lunch 
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Big Daddy's Cheese Pizza (JH Only)

Happy Birthday, Layleen Sutton!

JH Boys Basketball @ Tri-County 6 p.m.
JH Vollleyball @ Home 6 p.m.
5th/6th Grade Boys Basketball @ Arthur 6 p.m.

Wednesday, January 16
A. Popcorn Chicken Bowl w/Breadstick
B. Chicken Patty on Bun
C. Popcorn Chicken Salad w/Breadstick
D. PB&J w/ Cheese Stick 
E. Bacon Cheeseburger (JH Only)

Board Meeting @ 6 p.m.

Thursday, January 17
A. Meat & Cheese Nachos 
B. Chicken Nuggets w/Breadstick
C. ACE Sack Lunch 
D. PB&J w/ Cheese Stick 
E. Spicy Chicken Patty (JH Only)

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Hill and Macelyn Boddy!

JH Volleyball Game @ Decatur LSA 6 p.m.
JH Boys Basketball @ Atwood vs. Shelbyville 6 p.m. 

Friday, January 18
A. Cheese Pizza 
B. Cheese Hot Dog on Bun
C. Taco Salad w/ Nacho Chips 
D. PB&J w/ Cheese Stick
E. Pepperoni Pizza (JH Only)

**Free Treat Friday** 

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Rosenbaum! 

Happy Birthday this weekend to:

Lyla Sutton (1/19)
Lucas Ayer (1/20)


Upcoming Dates:

1/16 School Board Meeting 6 p.m.
1/16 PTCO Meeting 3:30 p.m.
1/16  Report Cards signed and brought back
1/24-1/25 Dental Bus 

2/13 Freshman Orientation @ High School 6 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30)


PTCO News: 

$105.21 was raised during our final Dime Drive. Way to go!! 
Dime War Winner is: Mrs. Ingram's Kindergarten class with $29.67
Followed closely by Mrs. Hostetler's 3rd grade with $28.38
PTCO meeting Wednesday, January 16 @ 3:30 p.m.