Lovington Grade School

Weekly Announcements


Week of May 13-17, 2019



Monday, May 13

A. Beef Fingers w/ Breadstick
B. Chicken Nuggets w/Breadstick
C. Pretzel, Yogurt, and Cheese Plate 
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Spicy Popcorn Chicken w/ Breadstick (JH Only)

Happy Birthday, Jacob Tighe!
Kindergarten Field Trip! 

Tuesday, May 14

A. Rotini w/ Meat Sauce 
B. Cheeseburger on Bun
C. ACE Sack Lunch 
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Homemade Cheese Pizza (JH Only)

4th Grade Field Trip! 

Wednesday, May 15

A. Soft Pretzel w/Cheese 
B. Chicken Patty on Bun
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Bacon Cheese Burger (JH Only)

Thursday, May 16

A. Walking Taco 
B. Popcorn Chicken w/ Breadstick
C. ACE Sack Lunch 
D. PB&J w/Cheese Stick
E. Spicy Chicken Patty on Bun (JH Only)

Friday, May 17

No School! 

Happy Birthday Weekend, Dalton England!

Extra Curricular: 

JH Volleyball:

  • Current 6th & 7th graders interested in playing volleyball next year please sign up in the office

Scholatic Bowl:

  • May 16 Award Night 6pm in the cafeteria

8th Graders-Extra Curriculars for next year at the HS

  • Cheerleading: Practices 5/10 & 5/16 from 6-8pm, Tryouts 5/18 @ 8:00am at the HS
  • Golf Team: Pick up a sheet in the office

Current 6th & 7th Graders Extra Curriculars for Next Year

  • Softball: Sign up in the Office, Practice begins July 29
  • Baseball: Sign up in the Office, Practice begins August 5

  • Upcoming Dates:

05/13 Kindergarten Field Trip- Children's Museum Decatur
05/14 4th Grade Field Trip- Lincoln Museum Springfield 
05/15 Last day of Pre-K
05/15 Board Meeting 
05/16 Pre-K Picnic 
05/16   Scholastic Bowl Awards Night @ 6:00 pm
05/17 No School- Emergency Day 
05/20 Early Dismissal 2:15
05/21 Last Day of School 2:15 Dismissal 
05/21 8th Grade Promotion 6:00 pm

June Birthdays: 

Happy Birthday! 
Addisyn Ploski- June 1
Evan Fowler- June 3
Jace Burnett - June 6
Jaleb Burnett- June 6
Jianna Burnett- June 6
Jacoby Burnett - June 6
Mariah Pratt-  June 6
Maranda Pratt- June 6
Morgan Mitchell- June 6
Bella Menna- June 8
Brooklynn Doss- June 10
Bobby Schanuel- June 13
Ray Harris- June 21
Mr. Wood- June 21
Billie Underwood- June 22
Camden Casteel- June 24
Emma Edwards- June 24
Kori Rich- June 26
Sofia Williams- June 26
Jansen Burnett- June 27
Aubrey Freese- June 28

July Birthdays: 

Happy Birthday! 

Nova Gregurich- July 1
Cordaro Lemmons- July 1 
Anthony Pratt- July 1
Grace Davis- July 3
Sophie Rambo- July 4
Griffin Hilton- July 5 
Logan Mitchell- July 5
Jason Ray- July 5
Zachary Thompson- July 5
Jamarey Lewis- July 6 
Parker Brown- July 7
Hannah Walker- July 8
Thomas Powell- July 13
Morgan Casteel- July 14
Aubrey Ferguson- July 14 
Maggie Fitzgerald- July 14
Joshua Tynan- July 14 
Isabella Tackett- July 17
Zoey Mendoza- July 27 
Jaidyn Edwards- July 29