Arthur Grade School
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 “U-Knighted in Learning, U-Knighted in Success”

Week of March 25-29, 2019

Knightly Expectation of the Week
 Use class time to do work without being reminded

Monday, March 25
Lunch:  Waffles with sausage patty, chicken nuggets w/breadstick, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, pretzel yogurt cheese plate, JH ONLY: Spicy popcorn chicken w/breadstick
- JH Track (H) - 4:00

Tuesday, March 26
- Lunch: Grilled cheese, cheeseburger, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, ACE sack lunch,  JH ONLY: Homemade cheese pizza
HOMEWORK HANGOUT - 3:30-4:30 pm - Scholastic Bowl Conference Tournament

Wednesday, March 27
Lunch: Cheese hotdog, chicken patty on bun, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, Popcorn Chicken Salad w/breadsticks, JH ONLY: Bacon cheeseburger
HOMEWORK HANGOUT - 3:30-4:30 pm


Friday, March 29 - NO SCHOOL - SPRING BREAK

Monday, April 1 - NO SCHOOL - SPRING BREAK
- JH Track (H) - 4:00

Coming Up
- March 30 - IESA Solo & Ensemble
- April 1 - No School- Spring Break
- April 1 - JH Track (H)
- April 4 - JH Track @ Tuscola

Still collecting:
Box Tops, Coke bottle tops, and Capri Sun packets at AGS

    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!
    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!