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 “U-Knighted in Learning, U-Knighted in Success”

Week of November 12-16, 2018


Knightly Expectation of the Week
 Walk on the correct side of the hallway.

Monday, November 12

Lunch: Chicken nuggets, salisbury steak, PBJ sandwich w/cheesestick, pretzel, yogurt, and cheese pack, JH ONLY: Spicy popcorn chicken w/breadstick
Veteran's Day Program @ High School - 1:15 pm - Red White and Blue Day - JHGB @ (H) - 6:00 pm (8th Grade Night)
- JHBB @ (H) - 6:00 pm

Tuesday, November 13
- Lunch: Cheeseburger, mac & cheese w/fish sticks, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, ACE sack lunch, JH ONLY: Big Daddy's cheese pizza
Picture Retakes
- Tired Tuesday (PJ Day)
Homework Hangout - 3:30-4:30 pm

- JHBB v Windsor (H) - 6:00 pm

Wednesday, November 14
- Lunch:  Chicken patty, lumberjack, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, romaine salad, JH ONLY: Bacon cheeseburger
- Wacky Wednesday (hair, clothes, shoes, etc.)
- Homework Hangout - 3:30-4:30 pm
School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

Thursday, November 15
- Lunch:  Thanksgiving Lunch: Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, pumpkin dessert 
Homework Hangout - 3:30-4:30 pm
- JHBB @ Villa Grove (A) - 6:00 pm
Family Movie Night @ High School - Tale of Despereaux
Class Color Day: 

    • Pre-School:  Red
    • Kindergarten: Orange
    • First Grade: Yellow
    • Second Grade: Green
    • Third Grade: Blue
    • Fourth Grade: Purple
    • Fifth Grade: Black
    • JH:  Any color of the rainbow

Friday, November 16 - 2nd Quarter Mid-term
- Lunch:  Hotdog, pepperoni pizza, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, turkey chef salad w/breadstick, JH ONLY: Spicy chicken patty
Flannel Friday

Coming Up
- November 17 - JHBB @ Paris Mayo
- November 17 - JHGB 7th Grade Regionals
- November 19 - JHBB @ Sullivan
- November 20 - JHBB v Bement
- November 21-25 - Thanksgiving Break
Knights Choose Kindness 2nd Quarter Act of Kindness Initiative - Our second quarter act of kindness is giving to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.  We will be accepting food donations as well as monetary donations. $1 = 5 meals! Community members can also make a food donation to Arthur Grade School by Tuesday, November 27.  Most needed items include: canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables, canned complete meals (ravioli, Spaghettios), cereal, boxed meals and peanut butter. Our school wide goals are 500 items= 15 minutes of extra recess; 800 items= movie afternoon. To increase participation we will have Dress Up Days.

Go Fund Me Page
- AGS Playground Project


Still collecting:
Box Tops, Coke bottle tops, and Capri Sun packets at AGS

    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!
    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!