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 “U-Knighted in Learning, U-Knighted in Success”

October 21-25, 2019

National Bullying Prevention Month (October)
- Week of Oct. 21th
Week of Inclusion #NOONEEATALONE. Include classmates to participate in school activities. Let friends know you are here and support each other

Monday, October 21 Lunch: Chicken drumstick w/breadstick, hotdog, PBJ w/string cheese, Egg chef salad w/breadstick,  JH ONLY: Homemade sausage pizza - Parent Meeting for Active Shooter Drill - ALICE - 5:15 pm AGS Cafeteria - JH Girls Basketball v Arcola (H) - 6:00 pm Tuesday, October 22 Lunch: Nachos w/scoops, popcorn chicken w/breadstick, PBJ w/string cheese, Turkey & cheese sandwich,  JH ONLY: Spicy popcorn chicken w/breadstick - Homework Hangout - 3:30-4:30 pm - JH Girls Basketball @ Mattoon (A) - 6:15 pm
Wednesday, October 23 - 2:15 Dismissal - P/T Conferences Lunch: 
Pizza sticks w/marinara, grilled cheese, PBJ w/string cheese, popcorn chicken salad w/breadstick,  JH ONLY: Homemade pepperoni pizza- Active Shooter Drill (ALICE) - Parent Teacher Conferences - 4:00-8:00 pm Thursday, October 24 - 2:15 Dismissal - P/T Conferences Lunch: Italian dunkers w/sauce, chicken tenders w/breadstick, PBJ w/string cheese, pepperoni pizza lunchable,  JH ONLY: Bacon cheeseburger - Parent Teacher Conferences - 4:00-8:00 pm
Friday, October 25 - NO SCHOOL

Upcoming Events
- Saturday, October 26 - JH Girls Basketball JHOC @ Tuscola 

Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!

Still collecting:
Box Tops, Coke bottle tops, and Capri Sun packets at AGS


    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow