Arthur Grade School
Weekly Announcements

 “U-Knighted in Learning, U-Knighted in Success”

Week of April 15-19, 2019

Knightly Expectation of the Week
 To keep school materials organized
Monday, April 15
Lunch: Chili cheese burrito, chicken nuggets w/breadsticks, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, Pretzel cheese yogurt plate,  JH ONLY: Spicy popcorn chicken w/breadstick

Tuesday, April 16
- Lunch: Popcorn chicken bowl w/breadstick, cheeseburger, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, ACE sack lunch,  JH ONLY: Homemade cheese pizza
HOMEWORK HANGOUT - 3:30-4:30 pm - JH Track (A) - 4:00

Wednesday, April 17
Lunch: Meatball sub, chicken patty on bun, PBJ sandwich & cheese stick, Italian salad w/breadsticks, JH ONLY: Bacon cheeseburger
HOMEWORK HANGOUT - 3:30-4:30 pm
- School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

Thursday, April 18 - 12:00/12:15 Dismissals - School Improvement Day
Lunch: Sack Lunch

Friday, April 19 - No School - Good Friday

Coming Up
- April 20 - JH Track @ Arcola Invite
- April 22 - JH Track @ Sullivan
- April 22-26 - Skating Week
- April 25 - 4th/5th Grade Musical
- April 27 - JH Track @ Mt. Zion Invite

AGS's April's Kindness Activity
As you all know by now, Arthur Grade School’s theme this year is “Knights Choose Kindness”.  Our fourth quarter act of kindness is giving to the Arthur Public Library for educational toys for the children's area and help with activities that they put on for students. Please bring your money to the office and we will collect through the end of April. Thank you!

Still collecting:
Box Tops, Coke bottle tops, and Capri Sun packets at AGS

    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!
    Friday's are Knights spirit days. Wear red, black, or yellow!